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Yoga Shows the Way
March 2016
March 4th, 2016

Health is the supreme foundation of virtues, wealth, enjoyment and salvation. Diseases are destroyer of health, of good life and even life itself. ~Charaka

Charaka is the father of Indian medicine. From the ancient time, y oga has been practice with therapeutic intension as way to transform the body and mind. Yoga therapy works by removing tension, calming the mind and improving vitality. A strong well-coordinated body and mind raise energy and naturally begin healing any specific problem.

There are many common ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, ashtma, nervous debility and psychosomatic problems that no drugs can eradicate completely since they are more of mental condition than physical. Thus, if we could control over our mind and emotion, many health disorder can be aligned. That yoga is all about - having control over the cessation of the mind.


Events in March

Bali Easter Weekend

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For registration, please email us directly info@ashtangajakarta.com

Tempe Workshop

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Peace, love and light
Om shanti

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