“satyam shivam sundaram”
Nataraja Events
Nataraja events are dedicated to the Nataraja, the dancing form of Shiva.
The depiction of Shiva dancing on the head of the mythological dwarf (said to symbolize Illusion) implies that through his dance, humans can free themselves of illusions that deceive and distract the mind.
Our goal is for you to achieve the art of awareness - a refined clarity for what happens inside and around you as you free yourself of illusions. To put it simply: A powerful self-consciousness and state of “being in the now” (Satvik Consciousness).
Our events will bring together traditional Yoga practices with Kirtan, Meditation, and Healing/Spiritual Development. In combining them, we create a harmonious blend and space where each part accents the other, allowing for a collective and heightened whole.